Web 2.0 Graphics – Web 2.0 Graphics Pack


Web 2.0 Graphics - Web 2.0 Graphics PackClick Image To Visit SiteYou’re tired of the days of seeing a big fat 0 where the hundreds of sales or opt-ins are supposed to be.

I’m going to reveal to you why all you’re not making sales and may be wasting your time in the process.

Harsh words, I know…but the reality of the situation is that you’re desperate for more opt-ins, you need to build your subscriber list, or you FLAT-OUT need more sales!

Wouldn’t you love to jump-start your websites & sales pages with some of the best-looking, highest-converting, and overall gorgeous graphics?

I remember not too long ago I was looking at a sales page that had to be one of the worst-looking sales page I’ve ever seen. It didn’t instill visitor trust. It didn’t make me feel welcome. It certainly didn’t make me want to buy.

I’ve seen tons of sites that have made TONS of sales. What was their secret? What were they doing that other sites weren’t?

But what was making the visitor buy? What made the visitor click from one page to the next and enter their credit card details for the purchase?

Web 2.0 graphics are images that are from the wave of web 2.0. What is web 2.0 you ask? Well, technically it involves user input to websites and more user-interaction among websites.

But, with it came a brand new set of web graphics that involved gradients, buttons, badges, reflections, bubbles, bevels, and fonts! These started popping up almost everywhere….and they work!

Graphic designers started integrating web 2.0 graphics in all of their work. They just convert better! Look at the six-figure (even seven-figure) product launches all jumping onto the web 2.0 graphics train!

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