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Untitled DocumentClick Image To Visit SiteFinally, a book that will enable you to learn the coaching secrets of the Flex Offense and transform your team into a powerhouse.

This book on the Flex basketball offense is your chance to learn how to teach the MOST DIFFICULT BASKETBALL OFFENSE TO GUARD!

The Flex offense is an easy offense to teach, yet many coaches try to use it without learning all of its entries, sets, strategic moves, and coaching techniques.

Now you can have the opportunity to master the techniques of this simple, practical offense. You will be able to learn not only the basic Flex pattern, but the coaching secrets and all of the other parts of the offense critical to its success.

The Flex offense can give you the tools to build a championship type program even if your team lacks basic offensive skills. What you will learn in this 99 page book that includes 183 crystal clear diagrams will give your team unbelievable offensive firepower and the tools to dominate your competition and win more games.

You know some coaches in your region have thought this about you and your team. No longer will they think this. This book will give you the knowledge to have a dominating type team even if your players are slow, small, or unathletic.

You can earn a reputation as the most feared and respected coach in your league. Think how good you’ll feel to walk into the gym for every game with the complete confidence that you have the offensive firepower to win against ANY team in your league.

Your supremely prepared team with innovative offensive options and counters will give you results nothing short of astounding and find you routinely out-coaching experienced basketball gurus and winning more games.

The book provides an unbelievable 183 easily understood diagrams that clearly explain all of the basic entries, sets, options, special plays, and counters of this powerful offense.

Instead of #4 cutting to the top for entry pass, #4 fakes high and cuts off #5s screen for possible inside pass from #1.

Some coaches run the Flex incorrectly and end up with a “jump shooting” offense. This book puts emphasis on how to get the ball inside.

The next diagram in the book shows #5 moving into the guard spot for pass from #2as #4 readies for baseline screen for #2. It will show #5 passing to #3 to begin the Flex.

4. Changing starting spots on the offense 5. Best players in prescribed positions.

Without question, this is the most complete book ever written on the Flex offense. It is written in a simplified manner so that it will be easily understood and transferred into building a powerful winning offense.

You can discover the ”ins and outs” of the most dangerous offense in basketball. Know more about the Flex than any coach in your region and WIN MORE GAMES!

“I have read numerous books on basketball, but this may be the most complete I have ever read… Read more…