Training Kids for Speed


Training Kids for Speed is an E-book by Steve Bennett. It aims to integrate Modern Sprint Training ideas into the methods used with developing athletes for the improvement of speed. The aim of this book is to help all coaches, parents and teachers of Young sprinters. It also will be helpful in any sports which value fast running. It Training Kids for Speed introduces a large range of ways, following recent research, to be more effective in shaping running technique and improving speed

Announcements The advantage of an E-book as it can be updated easily by the author and All future electronic updates of Training Kids for Speed will be FREE to registered users.

Version 2.01 has just been released and the companion Video has been released on CD in MPEG2 format. More information is HERE

"It is possible and desirable to learn how to run with the latest sprinting technique displayed by athletes like Marion Jones & Maurice Greene. The technique can be taught to kids once all of its elements are clearly understood. However acquiring this technique as a mature athlete requires long term training that is comprehensive. The aim needs to be on developing the required physical abilities and then using them so that the gains can be transferred into an improved running action. Training Kids for Speed outlines the process that is required."

A passion for me as a coach has also been in developing Middle Distance runners. It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to work patiently and persistently toward improving running form and speed. Good Middle Distance performance is very reliant on the athletes ability to run with and maintain good form so that they can run at the speeds that are required for the duration of their event. Thus…


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