The Truth About Roulette Systems –


My name is Jason Xavier and in back in 2011 I was SCAMMED several times in my search for a genuine roulette system.

Every time I thought I found something new I kept coming across a system known as “Martingale” This is where you bet on red or black and keep doubling your bets until you win.

I won’t bother explaining the whole idea, but if you want to read more about it go to wikipedia

This is nothing but a scam. A lazy system that people have put together just to make a quick buck from people like you and I. I have seen this system being sold from £10 to £200 on various websites.

Do not fall for this utter SCAM the only thing it guarantees is that you will lose your money. Let me just be clear on something.

I am not trying to sell you a system. My video shows a system that is a variant of a system that I have come across and I have personally had tremendous success with, and it regularly earns me between £80 and £120 per hour.

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