The Money Making Machine. 100% Real & Genuine.The Money Making Machine 101 – The Money Making Machine is a 100% Genuine Real Live Money Machine that teach you how to turn…


The Money Making Machine is a 100% Genuine Real Live Money Machine that teach you how to turn your computer into Money Making Machine for you at the comfort of your home.

Thank you for visiting The Money Making Machine 101 webpage. I will assure you that what you are going to read here in this website could potentially be the answer to all of your FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. Unless of course, you are already someone who has been making $1,000,000.00 a month, then please hear me out still.

To begin with, my name is John Emmanuel. You may not have heard of me, but I am the creator of the Money Making Machine 101. I have been a FOREX trader for over 12 years, and my technical analysis speciality is using Elliot Wave Theory. Like many traders all around the world, we are constantly developing our technical skill and strategy to make money from FOREX Trading and limiting our loses. But, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I know what it takes to make money online from FOREX.

I originally built the Money Making Machine to free up my time from trading so I could spent time with my family and to do the other things that I wanted. As a FOREX trader, many might be aware that we spent a great deal of our time watching the FOREX Market, looking out of trends, break, entry points and exit points. Though the money is great, the greatest currency a person should cherish is TIME itself.

Making money from FOREX itself is fine, in fact it is darn right exciting. However, I realise that although the money is good, I didn’t had time for myself to do other things that I wanted to do. I was constantly giving myself excuses saying…


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