PPC Treasure – You Want PPC Money? Follow This Map!


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If you’re struggling to create consistent streams of income and reliable traffic in your business, you’re part of a big club.

The fact is, it is darn hard when it comes to getting targeted visitors to your web sites from search engines like Google & Bing.

Everyone is trying to generate as much traffic as possible which usually comes at an extremely high price when you spend all your time and money on old school SEO.

Susan came to me broken, discouraged, wanting to quit, but by this time she invested nearly all that she had so she literally couldn’t give up… She HAD to make it work… there was no plan B in this economy… "I took action, and look where that got me…" she said… But what she didn’t have was a clear, simple, ‘so easy a cave man can do it’ type of guide that would show her step-by-step, what to do to profit from her affiliate marketing campaigns… So I shared with her a simple PPC formula that I’ve been testing and tweaking for over a year, that she used to make $2,283 in sales in a little under 16 days… Where Susan went wrong is that she bought all the courses from all the ‘super PPC affiliates’ that taught her exactly what THEY do to make six figures a month… The problem was that SHE didn’t have the 30-50k PPC budgets to do massive ad campaigns like they did… She was a single mother… Read more…