Photograph London By Bus


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Photograph London By BusClick Image To Visit SiteAnyone can learn how to take Breath Taking Photos regardless of their current ‘talent’, skills and techniques.

Excitement ran through me like a flood. It was my first time in London. I didn’t know what to do first. How would I ever fit it all in? Hey, who wouldn’t want to share this mind-blowing experience with all their family and friends? BUT HOW?

I didn’t decide to photograph seriously till I was 50. I went back to school and did a Photography course. Then came TAFE courses and photographic trips with Australian Wildlife Photographer Darran Leal.

A new camera meant only one thing. I had to try it out. At the park a flock of corellas was on the ground. Something spooked them and they took off straight towards me. I lifted the camera and pressed the shutter.

Life Photographer of the Year Competition. That year there were 32 thousand entries from 78 different countries. It was while I was in London that I discovered how to Photograph London by Bus.

Being able to share my London experience with family and friends was wonderful. I whish you the same level of satisfaction.

This could be you relaxed and happily taking advantage of all the information you will find in Photographing London by Bus

A Plan for Success with easy to follow instructions, written in plain English!!!Experience the 7 things that will Make Magic Memories for you when you buy ‘Photograph London By Bus’ and have,

Don’t say “IF ONLY…!!!” at the end of your trip. USE Photograph London By Bus!!!

Let me give you a quick preview of the information at your fingertips in Photograph London By Bus. It has;

For People who have limited time Photograph London by Bus is a comprehensive guide to help you capture those Memorable Moments. It has a logical sequence and easy to follow instructions. Don’t let your photo opportunities whizz past as you try to work out your camera settings. Each opportunity is unique and only comes once! BE PREPARED!

A Photo Workbook that has 7 free lessons with step-by-step instruction for 7 projects that will help you get the best from your camera. If these are done before your trip you can expect a dramatic improvement in your photos.

The Tick and Flick Checklist of camera equipment you will need for your trip. This will make sure you have all your camera gear with you.

A High Resolution File of a 7 High Resolution Images for your personal use that you can download and use until you capture your own images.

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