Leave No Doubt Training


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Leave No Doubt TrainingClick Image To Visit SiteI’m Michael Thomas I have spent 20 years as a fitness trainer owning my own studio for 10 of those years, logging around 20,000 training sessions. During this time I became a Natural Mr. USA and a WNBF Pro.

I spent many years struggling to gain muscle mass. I can remember reading the muscle magazines that prescribed training up to 6 days per week twice a day adding up to hours of training per week. I also tried training using a much lower volume and frequency approach resulting in very little gains in lean mass.

So I went back to graduate school to study and research muscle recovery. Through this research and my many years of training experience I have discovered an Optimal Strength Training Program that results in dramatic improvements in lean muscle mass. Currently, I train less than 3 hours per week and am experiencing the best gains of my career. I have a busy training center filled with clients that are achieving amazing results (building muscle and losing fat) in very short order (<8 weeks). If you would like to learn about this brand new approach to training, and permanently eliminate the feeling of frustration from lack of improvements in lean mass, simply click the Instant Access button below. You will get the Leave No Doubt Training Manual along with Intensive coaching through the membership site via weekly Conference Calls, MP3 records, and the forum. This program will show you exactly how to train for maximum muscle and transform your physique.

“Following Michael’s training I have transformed my physique into a National level competitor, shedding 40 pounds of bodyfat and building lean mass.  Michael’s plan has lessened my time in the gym while improving my results dramatically, I am in the best shape… Read more…