How to Play Pro Basketball


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How to Play Pro BasketballClick Image To Visit SiteWe are 2 basketball fanatics who have gathered some of the world’s best experts when it comes to helping you turn pro. You may have the skills. You may have the talent, the height, the speed to play at a whole different level but you’re missing something. You’re missing a “Coach” to grab you by the hand and guide you all the way to the professional level.

“Interviews With Basketball Experts” That Will Give You An Unfair Advantage Over 99% Of The Other Players Who Want To Play Professional Basketball

About 2 years ago I met a guy on the internet named Todd Kozinka. We both had websites about basketball but we wanted to create something that will help basketball players pursue their dreams of playing professional basketball. Of course, we don’t have the knowledge and all the advice on what’s the best way to do this but we managed to get some of the world’s best basketball experts and pick their brains as they reveal some hidden information that nearly no one knows about.

What if I told you there is a relatively good chance to play overseas and sign a valuable contract using some information that is not readily available to the public?

Imagine having the best sought-after coaches, professional players, agents and scouts demonstrating their knowledge in every single interview for you, specifically teaching you, how to start getting paid for playing basketball.

Inside these interviews you will learn everything you need to know to get noticed, get scholarship, get yourself in a better shape & physical strength, get more opportunities and start playing pro basketball.

If you’re a basketball player who LOVES basketball and who is coachable, you got what it takes. Even if you are a freshman in High School or younger, you can never go wrong by investing in this.

What if I’m not sure/have a question/need any kind of assistance or support with just about anything?

For anything, and we do mean, ANYTHING you need (as long as it’s about basketball:) you can contact us via email

Besides Getting Noticed, Getting Exposure & Marketing Yourself, Noticing Opportunities, Here’s A Portion Of What You Are Going To Learn In Addition…

The interviews with these hand-picked experts are going to open your eyes and expand your mind on new possibilities. Once you start thinking about basketball success in different ways you’ll never get back to your “old-self”.

Dr.Hal Wissel has a tremendous experience. With his inside information on the NBA he reveals some interesting stories, tips, examples and life lessons. Coach Wissel has been an assistant coach to the Atlanta Hawks, New Jersey Nets, Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors. He’s also worked closely to the Milwaukee Bucks and Dallas Mavericks as an advance scout. Prior to that he’s coached in the NCAA for several years and in addition has authored two books that have been translated in… Read more…