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This man was none other than Charles Darrow and the game is what we know as the Monopoly Board game. Darrow sold his game to Parker Brothers and enjoyed all the royalty money for decades till he died in 1967.

Darrow made millions from a game he only modified, not invented. Furthermore, a number of other people have earned a good amount of money and reputation by further altering Darrow’s version of game.

My book is not about how everyone is making money by selling their own game. In fact, I will show you a step-by-step guide to make your own board/card game and how you can make the most money out of it.

Technically, because Darrow is dead and you need to find someone who has been there and done that. So, I would like to introduce myself as an inventor of a completely new game. While I say completely new game, I must also add that it does take an inspiration from an older game, just like every other game does.

No, that wasn’t what Darrow did and that is not what I did. So, there is simply nothing wrong in redesigning old ideas to create new ones.

There are two major role-players in the success of a board/card game, the players and the industry. So you have to learn what they are actually looking after. If you are able to design a game which fulfills and satisfies the industry and the players, it will definitely be a win-win situation.

On the whole, my first priority is to help you understand how you can create a game which not only impresses your friends and family but actually appeals to the masses.


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