Get Fit Rid Fast


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Get Fit Rid FastClick Image To Visit SiteWho Else Wants To Start Their Next Race With More Strength, Speed, Stamina, Endurance & Agility? More Importantly Who Wants To Finish It With A Personal Best Time, A Great Result And Masses Of Confidence?

This is your unique opportunity to discover how to strengthen your racing muscles and get your body systems firing on all cylinders. A fitter rider is a better rider – become a better rider

You may ride the best equipment money can buy, you may have incredible raw talent as well as “balls of steel” but still THIS IS OFTEN NOT ENOUGH….. You need another edge!

Picture the scene. You arrive at your weekend moto full of confidence with great expectations. Practice was great, your bike is prepped and ready, your kit is sorted and you’ve got a great grid slot – but 20 minutes later your back in the paddock covered in dirt and dust, sweating like a pig with nothing to show for all your efforts. Worse still your buddy hit the hole shot and claimed yet another race victory. Sounds all too familiar, right?

So what if I told you that you can get guaranteed improvements and faster lap times within weeks. Improvements that will last you for years to come, and improvements that will cost you less than a decent pair of goggles. Not only that but you can download the solution right now and start your quest for faster lap times within minutes.

It’s called GETFITRIDEFAST and you can get it right now. GETFITRIDEFAST is the most complete fitness training package ever designed for YOU the Amateur Off Road Racer and Weekend Warrior.

Guaranteed to get your body in better condition to get you more from the sport you love.

My name is Mike, I am a UK based College/University Lecturer specialising in Exercise and Fitness, a Qualified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, passionate motorcycle fan, father to a motocross racer and the author of GETFITRIDEFAST. If you race in the UK, who knows, maybe we have crossed paths a few times.

Fitness is an essential part of our everyday life, in general the fitter we are, the more capable we are at coping with life’s challenges and the more we can accomplish. Good fitness is also essential for improved sporting performance and this is especially so in the extremely competitive and physically demanding sport’s of Motocross, Supercross, Snocross, Endurocross, Quad racing, Jet Ski racing and all other forms of off road motor sport.

Virtually every weekend, just like the rest of you, I spend the majority of my time out in the countryside, covered in dust and dirt, surrounded by the smell of petrol and oil, the noise of powerful bike’s and excited by the prospect of witnessing some of the most exciting and competitive sport to be found anywhere – amateur motocross.

The passion, enjoyment, determination, competition and camaraderie found in amateur off road racing is simply magical and it’s happening every weekend in all conditions… Read more…