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Football Betting Tipsters - World's Best Football Tips & Predictions - Pro Football BetsClick Image To Visit Site"He Watched Professional Gamblers Quietly Make Fortunes Betting Football. And Now, For The First Time Ever, A Bookie Insider Shares Their Secrets

From My WINNING Football Selections This Season And Every Season… Like It Has For 100’s Of Punters Around The World For Years!"

Daniel Soulsby here. And yes, I’m the one making those "outrageous promises" about Football Betting Tipsters That is what you’re thinking, am I right?

And honestly, I don’t blame you. There are a lot of scammers out there selling terrible systems and some really dreadful tipsters peddling their awful picks.

But, if I showed you other punters, people just like you, who are doing exactly what you want to do – Making A LOT of money betting on football…

I have hundreds of them; notes from very happy members who are smiling all the way to the bank! (Their bookies don’t smile much though.)

None of them are "professional" gamblers. Some are lifelong punters while others have turned a passion for football into a very profitable hobby.

None of them had any luck with blow-hard tipsters, high-priced systems or endless late-night hours analyzing charts, stats and odds.

After wasting perhaps thousands of pounds on systems, tipsters and losing bets – It’s been worth every penny to them.

For years I tried to "beat the bookies" but I was usually the one who got beat up. You probably know the feeling.

My mates would shake their heads and laugh, "Give it up – you’re dreaming. You can’t beat the system!"

But we’ve all heard the stories of professional gamblers, winning week-after-week, month-after-month; a blonde on one arm and a Rolex watch on the other.

I stayed after it, buying every outdated book, over-priced system and complicated piece of software related to football I could find… I bought it all. What a waste!

Looking for an "insider’s edge," I began working for one of the UK’s largest bookmakers. I can’t say the name but you’d certainly know them and chances are they have some of your money too.

This quiet little group of people keeps very close tabs on professional punters – Those that win all the time and win big.

If there’s anything scammy or scummy in their betting, it’s discovered and stopped. The problem is they can’t stop the real winning professionals – they win consistently, enormously and legally. They can’t be stopped from winning.

I also started studying these winners very closely but for different reasons. I searched for what they were doing, why it was working and most importantly, how I could copy their system and success.

After living paycheck-to-paycheck, hoping the car would start in the morning and scraping around for a few pounds for a pint down the pub, do you know what it’s like to suddenly have more money than you can spend?

Even after paying off all the bills and credit cards, taking an extended holiday… Read more…