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There are literally thousands of online business opportunities available but as you know the majority of those cost an absolute fortune to even get your foot in the door! Worse, after investing a fortune in one of those "biz-op’s", there is no guarantee that you will ever be able to make money, let alone recoup your massive investment. But there is a simple solution that can change EVERYTHING about the way you do business online. You’re most likely familiar with blogging, perhaps you even have a blog or two of your own. What you might NOT know is that traditional blogging is no longer a viable method of doing business online. Think about it, you first need to write (or outsource) tons of content. Blogs rely heavily on fresh updates otherwise they die a slow & painful death in the search engines (and forget anyone finding your blog if that happens). Then, you have to spend time customizing it, tweaking it, optimizing it, and while it eliminates the need for learning HTML or coding, it can STILL take hours (after hours) to get everything "just right". And there’s yet another MAJOR problem..

Imagine having 50 blogs all running in different niche markets. You know that the more blogs you have, the more money you’ll make, but consider just how much time… Read more…