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Crash Course Into Parkour- Parkour Course - How to ParkourClick Image To Visit SiteMost people will never learn parkour or reach their full potential because of one or more of the reasons listed below.

When I was younger I was always fascinated with stunt people and acrobatics. I loved watching the Ninja Turtles and all the Jackie Chan movies. I always dreamed of being able to have complete control of my body and to be a super awesome ninja.

I first saw parkour at the age of 15. I was bored one summer and came across a video of a guy in France running up huge walls, leaping across buildings, vaulting over obstacles, and flying through his environment effortlessly like an animal!

So I did what every 15 year old kid would of done at that point… I turned to the internet! I looked up all the websites over parkour and looked up all of the YouTube tutorials I could.

Some where helpful, some were okay, and most just sucked! There just wasn’t much detail and when I would go out and try some of the things people were saying to do it just wasn’t working.

Not to mention everywhere I searched online I would see videos of people the same age as me or younger who were learning parkour and were freaking sick!

Luckily I didn’t quit! My twin brother was there to help motivate and push me. We decided that we were going to do whatever we could to learn parkour, figure out the best ways to train, find out how to condition to build efficient muscle, and develop ways to get over the fear of learning these crazy moves!

The journey began and we trained every day! We studied everything we could over how the body works, how to build muscle, how the brain works for learning new movements, and then tested and trained different things outside.

Some things worked and some things didn’t. But over time we were able to find out the best ways to learning new moves. We found out what kind of conditioning is best for learning parkour. We found out what moves are best to learn first. We discovered secret techniques to learning extreme parkour moves gradually, at a low to ground level, and without any of the fear!

We got so good at parkour in such a short amount of time that within a little over a year of implementing these new training techniques we were able star in our first TV Commercial using our new parkour skills.

As I got better in parkour, I gained more confidence in other areas of my life. I discovered that if I could set my mind to learning parkour and succeed, I could do that with anything! Through all of the hard training, I had developed self discipline and a strong will power. The sky was the limit.

Now it’s all I do for a living. I’ve been in National and International commercials (even one that aired on the Jumbo tron… Read more…