CPCEasy – The fastest way to learn AdWords


CPCEasy - The fastest way to learn AdWordsClick Image To Visit SiteIf you are running an e-commerce site, like Shopify or Yahoo! Stores, then you found out how easy it is to set up a new online business.

The well known quote from Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come" is obviously not true of your website. You know that you need help, and the acronyms fly at you all over the place. SEO, CPC, CPM, PPC, HTML, SEM, CPA, ROI, KPI… you’d almost certainly need to hire an expensive consultant or agency to help you out.

But no! You can get started advertising on Google all by yourself! Agencies and consultants make money off of business owners who can’t figure out how to advertise on their own, and charge up to 15% of your advertising budget to do something that’s a lot simpler than filing your taxes.

There may be a time where you decide that you need an agency or consultant to take over your advertising, because it’s become too large or complex for you to manage. But you don’t need an agency at the beginning. Wouldn’t it be easier to hire someone to manage your account after it’s already profitable?

CPCEasy is designed for the small business owner who either hasn’t tried to advertise with Google AdWords before, or who hasn’t been successful with it already. The fact is, if you’ve already run a profitable AdWords campaign, you probably learned all the strategies in CPCEasy–the hard way!

If, however, you want to get started using Google AdWords, CPCEasy is the perfect way to begin. It’s like having an experienced marketing professional walking you through it–because it is! And at a tiny fraction of the price of hiring a consultant or agency.

Most consultants will charge you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in… Read more…