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Now I know you’re probably thinking "is this for real?" and the answer is yes! Big Cash Surveys is real and starting today you can make money from home, at your convenience, and get paid top dollar for your opinion.

Just two years ago I was sitting in the same position as you…I wasn’t making very good money and the hair salon I was working for was going to be closing down soon so I went to looking for another way to make money from home…

I couldn’t believe all the websites I found that boldly claimed I could make hundreds and even thousands of dollars a day working from home, however my interest was in taking surveys and not starting a full-fleged home business…

Some of them were free to join and even some paid to join however I never really made any money that I could live off of. I was so disappointed because I wasted a lot of time and money, but I knew it was possible to make money taking surveys because I remember when I was younger actually taking a survey that they sent me in the mail and I received $100 for completing the survey and sending it back in.

I started doing research online and off finding companies, universities and marketing companies that were desperately seeking survey takers to take their surveys in exchange for money. I quickly started building a very large paid survey database of organizations needing our opinions!

Now of course I have done most of these surveys myself to make some money, but I knew that there were thousands of people out there, especially during this rough economic downturn that needed to make some extra money from home. That’s why I created this website! I…


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