Backpacker Europe- Free Tips for Backpackers


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What countries do you want to visit? What would be your top 3? From my personal experience I’d have to go with Italy, Croatia & Hungary. I had a blast in all three of those countries.

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If you’re serious about backpacking then I suggest you download the eBook Instantly with the details further down the page.

In this eBook you will learn all about backpacking Europe including visa info, where to stay, cheap backpacking tips, finding work overseas, travel insurance, safe travelling and more.

It’s a must read if you’re going to backpack Europe, but if you do not wish to buy the eBook at this time sign up to the FREE Destination Guides.

Well I personally had all of the above but in particular, I had no idea how or where to start. That is why I created this site for you and all backpackers who are up for this life changing experience.

My name is Daniel Hardie and I was originally working in the banking industry until a boredom and restlessness grew inside me. I just knew I had to travel and do something different. So after some careful consideration I packed my bags and headed to Europe on a one way ticket.

I personally know first-hand exactly how daunting planning a trip like this can be, I’ve been there myself. There are visas to consider, finding work, getting flights to and around Europe, planning accommodation and whether or not you can actually afford to make the trip.

I’ve been through all of this before and had the exact same questions… so I’m here to help. I created Backpacker Europe as a guide and reference that you can take anywhere in the world.

You can access this essential guide for backpackers instantly, in PDF format which is packed with info, knowledge and experience. PDF format allows you to save it to a USB, laptop desk top or even email and take with you anywhere in the world.

P.S Backpacker Europe is a guide to help take the stress out your planning and covering everything you will need to know both before you go and while you’re in Europe. I’ve kept the cost of this guide down to it’s minimum saving you as much money as possible.

Hi there, my name is Daniel Hardie and you’ve just heard some of my story about… Read more…